Sunday, July 10, 2016

Laughing Matters

Making people laugh hysterically is a bigger high than any drug in the world. It's why I started O.H.M., and it remains my main inspiration for this blog.

When I sit down to write most days, I imagine my friends' faces responding to my stupid antics, like here when I did my "Steven Tyler mouth" to prompt selfie-ready laughter. All the Alaskan women in this photo had traveled a long distance for a wedding we were in, and we had a blast together with ample laughing and some crying. 

But let me take a brief detour from laughter to talk about Georgia in July. All I can say is that shit ain't funny, especially for someone who lives in Alaska and is probably exposed to hot weather literally maybe once or twice a year on vacation, if that.

It was about 100 degrees this weekend, which is 25 degrees hotter than it almost ever gets in Juneau. My mind anticipated intense heat, but my body went into revolt. Due to a variety of factors including forgetting to eat and drink, I literally suffered some version of heatstroke unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life. 

At one point, I laid on the bench of a restaurant booth asking Geoff in a semi-delerium if he thought I was going to die. He claimed "not today," and he was right. All it took was a freezing cold shower, two hours of nudity in an air conditioned hotel room, a plate of vegetable Pad Thai, and about two gallons of water to bring me back from the "dead" and turn my pee from powdered Tang into normal urine-colored liquid.

During my aforementioned delirium, I heard Paige yell out, "CANNED GREEN BEANS!?! SHE'S USING CANNED GREEN BEANS?" 

Paige and Isaac's Netflix obsession of this particular trip was a show called "Worst Cooks in America," which they've been devouring with a headphone splitter on our iPad whenever we have downtime in a hotel with wifi. "I want Rashida to win," said Isaac hopefully. "NOOO! DON'T PUT PEANUT BUTTER IN THE CHILI!," he cried in desperation.

And even though I was barely conscious at this point, in the naked air conditioning phase of my pseudo heatstroke, I laughed out loud into my pillow. And it felt great.

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