Thursday, July 14, 2016

If "All Lives Matter" in America . . .

Then . . . 
  • Why did even Congress conclude that veterans get woefully insufficient mental and physical health care after they return from a war zone?
  • Why can a convicted perpetrator of domestic violence (not to mention a self-proclaimed or actual terrorist) generally buy a semi-automatic weapon more easily than a woman can access birth control?
  • Why, even after controlling for education, did white men still out-earn black people by 25% and women by 17% in 2015?

Isn't it kind of funny (funny as in sad, not funny as in ha-ha) how almost everyone who tries to undercut Black Lives Matter with the "All Lives Matter" retort actually shows almost no acknowledgement that ANY--much less ALL--lives matter?

Maybe the "All Lives Matter" cohort should take some time off from clapping back at Black Lives Matter and put their literal and figurative money where their mouths are by demonstrating that they actually believe anyone's life but their own (and people exactly like them) matters at all.

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