Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Juneau Police Department for the Win (Again)

2016 feels like a giant turd sandwich on a stale AF hoagie roll that we're asked to gobble down with no water every time we turn on the TV or open up our smartphones.

Well, the Juneau Police Department is pulling a Meghan Trainor and saying NO to that shit by hosting a BBQ tomorrow to celebrate diversity, denounce violence, and create unity in Juneau, asking people to show up and "be counted as a person against violence, against discrimination, and against hate."


Per the press release, JPD is doing this in conjunction with community partners of their own initiative, and it's an exemplary effort of community policing. I think it's thoughtful and proactive, and should be publicly commended.

I previously posted about how classy it was of JPD to send the LGBTQ community flowers after the Orlando massacre. Now JPD has brought its community policing A-game once again, and is making a proactive effort to deal with the very real issues of law enforcement and community relations. 

JPD is not the first police department in the country to take this sort of step--Wichita just did something similar, but I'm very proud to live in a place where the police department takes this kind of initiative in and for the community.

Of course a hot dog and mustard won't save the world, but any red-blooded American will tell you it's a damn good start. 
If you're in Juneau, come out for this!

There's something in my eye, and once again, it's JPD FTW.

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