Thursday, July 9, 2015

You HAVE to Listen to This Podcast

Omigod. You HAVE to listen to this podcast. Wait. Do you listen to podcasts? You DON'T? Omigod. You're really missing out on an entire media form. 

Podcasts are SO amazing. Your IQ will literally go up like 800 points after listening to Serial. (Serial like seriously revolutionized the whole criminal justice system. You HAVE to listen to it).

Omigod. There's this AMAZING Podcast called Invisibila? With these two women with high pitched voices talking about pop psychology in vocal fry? It's so awesome. Podcasts are like TV for really smart people who are like, BEYOND TV, you know? 

And the best part is it's like smart TV without sitting on the couch and just glazing over in front of another glowing screen, ya know? Like I love listening to podcasts when I'm training for my triathlon or biking to work. They're like, so ENGAGING. They just get me into this really deep head space and I feel like I really just LEARNED something, you know? A good podcast is like therapy for your SOUL.

Speaking of which, Mark Maron has this therapy podcast that's like seriously unbelievable in how totally hilarious it is. I can't believe you don't listen to podcasts. You NEED to get into them.


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