Monday, July 6, 2015

Rest Easy Ladies, Short Shorts Up to the Vajay-Jay Are Still Very Much On Trend

In a dubious fashion trend that has survived several summers now, it appears that "shorts up to the vajizzle-jazzle" for women are still very much in vogue. 

Yes, I will fully admit to being a 100% old lady hater of this fad simply because it's inaccessible to me and my sense of vanity. After all, my thighs are almost 38 years old, blinding white, and, upon close inspection, covered in thick black hair and dimpled cellulite. (The words "can't unsee" come to mind).

Still, even for those whose thighs can be reasonably exposed in public America without the audience turning to stone ala Medusa or feeling compelled to bleach its collective eyeballs, I have got to ask: How short is too short? 

Because just now I saw a woman no more than 25 years of age, in short denim shorts fully up to her vagina, with the pockets and her ass-cheeks oozing out of the bottom. It was like 100 levels of nope.

Seriously these shorts get shorter every summer. At this rate, the only thing left will be a small strip of denim covering the clitoris. Ask the trend-setters in Paris or New York. It's seriously just a matter of time before it gets to that level. 

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