Friday, July 10, 2015

Something is Wrong

Something is wrong when one of my relatives was raped by a stranger at gunpoint and another was raped two years ago by an attorney who literally told her that guys "like him" "get away with it all the time."

Something is wrong when a guy like that is right.

Something is wrong when the concept of sexual consent needs to be explained by internet memes and analogies like forcing a person to drink tea when they are unconscious.

Something is wrong when a wealthy entertainer--accused of sexual assault by dozens of women--is given the benefit of the doubt only to be ultimately incriminated by his own words.

Something is wrong when an Ivy League university effectively ignores a woman's claims of rape and drives her to carry a mattress around everywhere she goes to prove a point.

Something is wrong with an ostensibly fair criminal justice system that perpetually under-prosecutes rape and sexual assault. 

Something is wrong when rape and sexual assault have statutes of limitations that allow perpetrators to evade prosecution simply by biding their time and running out the clock.

Something is wrong when women don't report rape and sexual assault to authorities because they know that their character, sexual habits, and clothing will be put on trial, and it's not worth the effort or embarrassment.

Something is wrong when women are taught and expected to dress to avoid being sexually assaulted, rather than men being taught and expected not to view women as prey--as if women are just quarry in an animal kingdom instead of civilized human beings with fundamental rights and expectations of safety and conduct.

Something is wrong when almost every woman can remember a time when she has felt sexually threatened.

All of this happens in America every single day, and something is very wrong with that. 

Let's make it right.

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