Thursday, January 7, 2016

The ABC's of the Oregon Standoff: How to Explain This Crap to Your Kids

A is for Ammon in his ten-gallon hat
B is for Bundys and their federal spat
C is for Cliven the old patriarch
D is for Dogs who have bite less than bark
E is for Energy spent to no end
F is for Feds who do not apprehend
G is for Go which these wingnuts should do
H is for Home where they now should go to
I is for Idiots in a small town
J is for Jackasses hunkering down
K is for Kooks who make video screeds
L is for Land that the feds won’t concede
M is for Making a trip to the store
N is for Needs that they didn’t plan for
O is for OMG seriously?
P is for Peanuts and Popcorn and Peas
Q is for Quest for ridiculous aims
R is for Rednecks who’re clearly insane
S is for Selective enforcement of law
T is for Trolls who are shouting ‘Hurrah!”
U is for U.S. that owns all the land

V is for Very weird line in the sand
W is for Wackos in the Wild, Wild West
X is for Xanax which you need for this mess
Y is for Yokels who need history lessons
Z is for Zip up your mouths, no one's listenin.'

Photo credit: AP

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