Monday, January 4, 2016

#OregonUnderAttack in Limerick

There once was a rancher named Bundy
Who was destined to spice up your Monday
By taking a stand
On some federal land
So grab some popcorn or a sundae!

These hicks are a redneck white ISIS
Who are claiming that there is a crisis
With the U.S. Constitution
But they have a solution!
And I really must say it is priceless:

They’re going to hide in the woods
‘Til the government gives them the goods
And post rantings online
‘Bout their federal crimes
But they’re white, so we can’t call 'em hoods.

They’re strapped up with rifles and bats
And plaid shirts and their ten-gallon hats
‘Cause they ain’t takin’ shit
And they’re not gonna quit
‘Til their cows have some choice habitat

YouTube is their means of transmittal
The irony stings just a little
They say “right to bear arms"
Which will shield them from harm
While a black kid gets shot because Skittles.

Photo AP/Les Zaitz

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