Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If I Were Kanye West and the Juneau Community Concern Facebook Page Were Wiz Khalifa

Kanye and Wiz engaged in an epic Tweetstorm for the ages today--a celebrity beef to end all beefs. I totally relate to Ye, because I too am a delusional, juvenile narcissist easily provoked into a knock-down, drag-out, online beef with my putative rivals over nothing. The only difference is I have a lot less money and I'm not into ass playBut if I were Kanye West, and the Juneau Community Concern Facebook Page were Wiz Khalifa, this is what our Twitter beef would look like:

@JCC: Please stop re-blogging your posts here @OHM. Ppl complainin'.
@OHM: OMG @JCC, why don't u drop more tired-ass bars about rain and WalMart leaving? #juneaufullofcranks.
@JCC: Isn't that what the blog posts you JUST re-blogged on here were about? @OHM you a hypocrite and u lookin' 4 free promotion.
@OHM: Who you callin' a hypocrite? You say u don't want ppl posting here for dollars. My blog makes ZERO dollars! You just jealous bc my traffic roll deep.
@JCC: I'm not here for the traffic. I'm here for the cause. I got 3,918 likes and counting, so . . .
@OHM: Well now u got 3,917 cuz I just UNJOINED you, BITCH! 
@JCC: OHM is a weed fool. And didn't your OWN husband agree with @JCC you were outta line re-blogging like a bitch-ass troll to @JCC?
@OHM: 1st, you have distracted from my creative process. 
@OHM: 2nd, your cover photo is corny as fuck and most there after.
@OHM: 3rd, you let a stripper tap you.
@OHM: 4th, I went to look at your FB and you were posting more shit peeps could just look up on Google. I screen-grabbed one & sent it to your admin. #juneauusegooglemuch?
@JCC: I am your OG FB community page and I will be respected as such! 
@OHM: Thank you for the extra promotion My blog is actually a satirical comedy blog. 
@JCC: Step off B4 I block u.
@OHM: I'm One Hot Mess and I gotta say it the right way OHM OHM OHM OHM.
@OHM: What's sad is I love you. I'ma take all this down because it's all about positive energy, positive vibes.
@OHM: I love the world bottom line and all I want is peace and positive energy.



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