Sunday, August 30, 2015

16 Possible Sequels to the 2006 Documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth"

1. An Increasingly Obvious Fact
2. My Head Feels Four Degrees Cooler in the Sand
3. SHIT!
4. Waterworld II
5. A Highly Inconvenient Certainty 
6. Heckuva Job, People!
7. I Thought We Covered This
8. Earth to Humans: You're Killin' Me!

9. Science Makes Me Sad
10. A Deeply Unfortunate Reality
11. The Zombie Apocalypse is Here
12. Blame China
13. Why Am I Sweating in January?
14. Endless Summer II
15. A Snowball in Hell
16. We Told You So, Assholes

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