Monday, August 31, 2015

The Denali Name Change, in Limerick

President William McKinley
Whom Alaskans have looked upon dimly
And who never was here
For so much as a beer
Yet a mountain was named for him (grimly).

The Mountain has long been Denali
(Let’s not call someone Jim who’s named Sally!)
Yet they gave it a name
And who can we blame
But Ohioans who saw fit to rally?

Now the feds have made good on their talk-o
And have honored this mighty fine rock-o
By respecting Alaskans
With names Athabascan
Instead of some old dead Cheechako.

And speaking of people named Sally
Sec. Jewell has signed off on Denali
With thumbs-up from Obama
There won’t be more drama
O'er the name of this peak and its valley.

But some folks are not all that pleased
John Bohener will not be appeased
He’s defending Ohio
With a whine and a cry-o
About McKinley’s name being aggrieved.

Well Alaskans from Southeast to Nome
All of whom call the Last Frontier home
Know it took 40 years
But we're finally here
It's Denali wherever we roam.

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