Saturday, August 1, 2015

O.H.M On (Maybe?) Two Week Hiatus

I say "maybe," because it's going to be well nigh impossible for me to resist running my mouth/thumbs every single day, as I have been since October 1, 2014 when I started this blog. 

But I've heard that fortune favors the bold, and that we're supposed to be spending money on experiences and not things. So I'm headed off the grid for two weeks to put both of these pithy sayings through a rigorous battery of tests.

Well, not totally off the grid--more like intermittently off the grid after a very long transatlantic flight, during which my kids are sure to spend the first hour and a half doing the following: eating White Cheddar Pirate's Booty: 15 minutes; watching Scooby Doo: 30 minutes: sleeping: 20 minutes; reading a book: 15 minutes; playing nicely with toys: 10 minutes. The other ten hours will be consumed by making their parents--one of whom is guaranteed to be having a near death experience the entire time--fucking crazy.

Don't worry though. There are almost 650 O.H.M. posts, so there is plenty to catch up on, and I know some of you have been desperately waiting with baited breath for a lapse in my onslaught of deathless prose to do exactly that. 

Those of you who don't give two shits and won't miss me one iota can suck my dick. You're dead to me.

I'm out, bitches. Catch y'all on the flip!

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