Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Memo to White People from a White Person: Don't Be a Shit Head

To: White People
From: White Person
Re: Not Being a Shit Head
cc: Humanity

These are trying times for humanity, but this one tiny thing really isn't so hard. Or at least it shouldn't be. Don't be a shit head. Seriously, it's that simple. 

If a black person tries to tell you that black lives matter, don't turn around and wag your white finger at them and be all like, "MYYYAAAH ALL lives matter," because that is STUPID AF and actually instantly turns you into a ginormous shit head!

If a person of color tries to tell you that their life experience is different and actually sort of shitty because society is set up to make life generally and systematically a lot easier in white skin--everywhere--maybe take their word for it and listen with empathy instead of getting defensive and being a FUCKING SHIT HEAD about it.

Don't try to deny what they're saying because it hurts you in the feels, because again, that is STUPID AF and makes you what you should try at all costs to avoid being: a complete, total, utter, unmitigated, hopeless, and unrepentant shit head.

Follow Black Twitter, read articles and op-eds by people of color, and/or go to a protest. I don't care. Just do something. Something, I mean, besides being a shit head. Strike that: do whatever the fuck you have to do to NOT be a shit head. 


How many times must we go over this? For reals. Once again, this is not that hard, and it's starting to become embarrassing, to say the very least. It shouldn't take long explanations and academic articles and all sorts of other shit for you to just NOT be a shit head. Literally, functioning society depends on you not being a goddamned motherfucking shit head anymore, even though you've probably been one for most of your life without even realizing it. 

M'kay? Thanks!

P.S. If you're straight and male, sorry, but this plea to not be a shit head goes triple for you.


  1. I've been taking these seminars are how "Not to be a Jerk". Is that a sufficient prerequisite for this new requirement? Since I'm straight and male, do I have to pay extra?

    I don't think I'm going to pass...

  2. You can skip right over how not to be a jerk and go straight to the shit head avoidance seminar at no extra charge to you. The latter encompasses the former! :)

  3. Or, you could be a straight, white male and still understand that white privilege is a thing, that male privilege is a thing and be doing whatever you can to level the playing field for all. Just saying. . . Not all of us are shitheads. Okay, most of us. . . Just not all.
    -- Praxis

  4. Or you could be a straight(ish) white male who understands that white privilege is a thing, that male privilege is a thing and be doing your best to level the playing field for all. Not all of us are shitheads or even incipient shitheads. Sure, it's 90 percent or so, just not all.


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