Monday, July 18, 2016

Location of Next Special Session Announced


The location of the Alaska Legislature's next special session has been announced, and O.H.M. photographers have obtained an exclusive first look at the new location. 

After considering the LIO in Anchorage as well as various locations in Juneau, it was decided that this collection of stray toilet bowls in a parking lot abutting the Goldbelt Hotel on the corner of Egan Drive and Glacier Avenue in the capital city will be the site of the legislature's next attempt to finally squeeze out and pass an . . . um . . . budget.

"Look. Everyone gets their best work and thinking done on the can," said one legislative aide who spoke to O.H.M. on the condition of anonymity, because the outdoor toilet bowl collection, informally being referred to as the "Porcelain Caucus" has not yet been officially approved by legislative leaders as an appropriate venue for conducting the state's um . . . business. 

"Between the good work that can be done on a toilet, coupled with the sunny weather and fiscal constraints associated with other venues, we figured we'd get key players in the body to just plop down on these toilets and try to hash out their differences and make some . . . um . . . movement here."

The sign in the barrel to the left reads "No Overnight Parking," but presumably that refers to cars, and not butts. 

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  1. Ah ha! I see also that said place has a pallet (to break up and grill dogs) AND! A 55 gallon container of Kool-Aide. Finally they have everything needed to get their shit together!


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