Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Beg to Differ with This Anti-Drug PSA from the Indian Government

I know it's a little tough impossible to read, but take my word for it: this poster, while highly entertaining, is 500 shades of WRONG!

It's a PSA from the Indian government that was hanging in the hallway of my friend's office, where I had a simple lunch of soup and Jalapeno-flavored potato chips on the industrially-carpeted floor while our daughters ate pizza under her desk. (Don't ask).

I had to take a picture of it, because brazen LIES like these deserve to be dragged from here to next Tuesday, people!

1. The picture of that guy holding a cricket paddle says: "an addict cannot be a good sportsman." What the whaaaaaaaaaa?! If that's true, why is the entire Russian Olympic team so fuckin' dope? (BOOM). Addicts make the best sportsmen! Ask Lance Armstrong, A-Rod, and literally everyone who has ever played professional sports and juiced up with the "cream and the clear" or whatever it is. Indeed, you kind of have to be an addict to be a good sportsman, at least in sports that aren't cricket. I can't speak for cricket.

2. The one of the guy at the table with his sad boo and child nearby, and the guy next to him in downward dog yoga pose says: "Addiction to vices means ruining of family. These addicts are a burden on the earth and are responsible for the moral degradation of our social life." WRONG AGAIN, INDIA! Addiction to vices is possibly the only thing that helps you cope with your family, and if anything is responsible for the degradation of my social life, it's not enough habit-forming drugs and alcohol. And the "burden on the earth" thing is true for everyone.

3. The picture of those two guys who look like they're in a homoerotic wrestling match in ancient Sparta are actually supposed to be two drunk dudes brawling, I guess. The caption says: "A drunkard loses temper soon and picks up a quarrel." Now that I can't argue with. BUT it also depends on the kind of drunkard. In my case, if memory serves, a drunkard loses the keys to her apartment soon, acts basic AF, and picks up an awkward one-night stand.

4. All the way down in the lower-left hand corner is a picture of a factory with people streaming in that says: "Money wasted on these vices can bring employment to millions." Okay, so I admit I'm no Paul Krugman and I know nothing about India's economy, but how exactly does one hunched-up, sad looking dude deciding not to smoke "charas" from a hookah (see picture, inset), lead to employment for millions? That's some Sherlock's Logic right there. If I go to a Phish concert and make everyone pool all the money they'd otherwise spend on ganja goo balls and hits of cut-to-shit Molly, name one person who gets a job from that, much less "millions!" Again, I'm probably looking at this all wrong.

Either way, whatevs. This poster is aces.


  1. Please! Please tell me where I can get one of those! Seriously, I'd drop coin to get one....

  2. This poster graces every work day and never fails to give me a grin or too. Best office poster ever!


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