Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Bathroom is Full of Baskets of Deplorables

You can probably tell from these pictures that I'm a major neat freak who spends all her time cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering like that Marie Kondo chick who throws anything out that doesn't "spark joy." 

Actually, I'm nothing like Marie Kondo, and my bathroom is blatantly full of baskets of deplorables. At least six of them!

I specifically bought these baskets to make my life and possessions LESS deplorable, and instead, they've only made them more so!

I can't even tell you what's in any of these. In the baskets of deplorables that aren't officially/technically garbage yet, there are, among other things, ace bandages from knee surgery two years ago, an asthma thingie I've never used even once because I am delinquent AF about my asthma, something (?) in an old bag of Seventh Generation diapers (despite the fact that I haven't changed a diaper in years), and stray tampons. 

In the basket of deplorables that is officially/technically garbage, there are empty toilet paper rolls, boxes of Benadryl, crumpled-up tissues, and used dental floss.

Part of me actually wishes one of these super absorbent green Tampax would run for president. It would have more empathy and know more about governance than Trump, and be more charismatic and electable than Hillary.

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