Monday, January 11, 2016

The ABC's of David Bowie, For Future Young Generations of Bowie Fans

A is for Albums, he made 28
B is for Bowie, the late and the great
C is for Coltrane, an early jazz muse
D is for Drugs, which he sometimes abused
E is for Eccentric, and a damaged left Eye
F is for Freak Flag, he flew wide and high
G is for guitar, he played to acclaim
H is for Heteropoda, a spider bearing his name
I is for Iman, his wife of two decades
J is for Jazz, a saxophone renegade
K is for Krautrock, a genre he played
L is for Labyrinth, a film that he made
M is for Music, he created uniquely
N is for New Wave, he crushed it completely
O is for Oddities, flying through space
P is for Putting lightening bolts on his face
Q is for Questioning sexual choices
R is for Radness, in differing voices
S is for Spiders, who came down from Mars
T is for Tin Machine and Touring with stars
U is for U.K., his country of birth
V is for Voice, most distinctive on earth
W is for Wacky and Wonderful-Weird
X is for X marks our hearts, he's revered
Y is for Young Americans, heavy and heady
Z is for Ziggy, we miss you already.

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