Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Mother Superior Morally Judgmental PC Piece of Crap Libtard"

That's my new nickname you guys, and I have to say I love it. Seriously.

My post about the Duggars from a few days ago unleashed a feisty and hilarious debate on Facebook after a friend of mine approvingly shared it on her page. I watched with (relatively) silent amusement and glee as one woman went absolutely apeshit in defense of Josh Duggar, calling my post "incredibly mean." She opened the fast unspooling thread of indignance with "at the risk of being attacked" (i.e., "please attack me"), and the internet happily obliged. (She also called the post "profane and giddy," which it was. Indeed, I made a special point in there to confess and fake-apologize for my giddiness, and my fondness for profanity speaks for itself).

Eventually, my friend got fed up and shut the whole thing down after this woman called me the very creative name mentioned above, despite my encouragement to let her keep it up because it was awesome, hilarious, and what America is really all about: Land of the free, home of the let yourself be provoked online over a felonious reality TV star to the point of apparent aneurysm and subsequent electronic silencing by a moderator. 

But like I said, I love my new nickname. 

The "Mother Superior" part is thick with irony, since the title of my blog could easily be "Mother Inferior" given my well-documented lack of parenting skills. 

The "PC Piece of Crap Libtard" part is great too, since "Libtard" is the perfect portmanteau of my first name (Libby) and a popular 1980's slur for differently-abled persons, thus mixing well with the "PC" label. "Piece of Crap" is also a nice touch, though I'd prefer "Piece of Shit," as you might guess.

But by far my favorite part is "Morally Judgmental." Because to that I can only admit that I stand guilty as charged in this case.

If you search my blog for real meanness, or even real judgment, or a real political opinion (as opposed to a statement on a human rights wedge issue that pretends to be about politics), I can assure you that your search will be in vain. 

Here, the subject of my skewering was a young man who has made himself filthy rich by choosing to appear on a reality television program. He has earned substantial additional income by public hate mongering, in which he told innocent adults of the same gender (and anyone else who would listen) that they are morally bankrupt, despicable, and literally going to hell for being in loving relationships and raising children together. He did this on behalf of an entity (The Family Research Council) that is classified by at least one highly reputable legal nonprofit as a hate group. 

He was then exposed as an admitted serial child molester with a string of victims--including his own siblings--whose lives are undoubtedly ruined forever by his actions. He never served a minute in jail for his crimes, while there are people (not anyone like him, of course) who have been incarcerated for life after smoking a joint on the street. 

His only punishment is public shaming he brought on himself, and lost wages from a TV network that's suddenly running scared.
Morally Judgmental? You bet! I'll take it. 


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