Saturday, May 16, 2015

CDATPOS Belongs on Juneau's Register of Historic Places and TouristAttractions

Today I had the pleasure of entertaining friends who were here on a cruise. They spent the morning whale watching and we took them to the glacier. They ate lunch at Tracy's Crab Shack and had a salmon dinner at our house. It was wonderful to see Juneau anew through their eyes, and by all indications everyone had a great time.

But just as high on their list as whales and glaciers of not-to-be-missed local tourist attractions was none other than the one and only ...


Now, I'm the first to admit when a meme has run its course, but clearly CDATPOS still looms large in the hearts and minds of certain Juneau visitors, and apparently his reputation precedes him. As my friend (pictured above) declared, "You're right! He IS CDATPOS!" 

Even Geoff (who admittedly was less enthusiastic about CDATPOS' fame and general hotness than I was) had to concede that CDATPOS was a worthy detour.

I kind of feel like CDATPOS needs to be on a special tourist map just for O.H.M. readers. Granted, such a map would have a relatively small distribution, but it could be like one of those underground speakeasies in Greenwich Village that only a few in-the-know history buffs are savvy enough to put on their radar and tourism agenda.
Think about it: beers at the Red Dog Saloon, followed by some gold panning and dog mushing on the glacier, a quick stop for some tanzanite, topped off by a down-low Uber-style shuttle to Kindred Post and some witty repartee and good tunes with Juneau's premiere piece of O.H.M.-declared eye candy. 
It's genius!
Five stars for CDATPOS on Trip Advisor!

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