Friday, September 30, 2016

Pot Officially Meets Kettle

You just have to bask in the rich thread of hypocrisy running through Donald Trump's so-called "candidacy" for President. 

Specifically, the one where he fires off Tweets at 3:00 a.m. calling women "fat," "terrible," and "disgusting."  Trump--clearly no Adonnis himself--has a YOOOGE pair of cojones shading on other people's physical appearances. But they're even yoooger for calling anyone or anything "terrible" or "disgusting," two of his favorite and most frequently-used adjectives.

The pot has officially met the kettle there. Here's what's "terrible" and "disgusting:"

Calling all Mexicans rapists, all black people criminals, and all immigrants terrorists. Comparing refugees to Skittles. Inciting white supremacist race wars online and at in-person rallies. Lying about donating to a veterans charity. Bragging about paying zero taxes. Spreading a bullshit racist conspiracy theory about a sitting President and then denying you started it. Bragging on TV on 9/11--LITERALLY as the twin towers are collapsing--that you now own the tallest building in Manhattan. Putting your name in gold-plated letters on everything you can buy, from water bottles to casinos, with money you didn't earn. Openly creeping on your own daughter. Advocating treating women "like shit." Lurking around beauty pageants. Defrauding poor people with a fake get-rich-quick "university" scheme. Lying about "heel spurs" to avoid the military. Getting into a tweet beef with parents of a fallen soldier. Trying to neuter the First Amendment and silence all of your critics with scorched-earth litigation tactics. 

All of this is more than terrible and disgusting. It is the hallmark of a true sociopath. What will it take for the world to finally realize that Trump is definitively the most "terrible" and "disgusting" person in the room?

You don't want to find out.

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  1. This nonsense all rests on us boomers shoulders, the fucked up generation.


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