Thursday, April 5, 2018

Top 20 Juneau All Points Bulletins on Social Media

1. Northern Lights are out!

2. Costco has good plums right now!

3. Costco has good avocados right now!

4. Costco has paddle boards right now!

5. Costco has metal detectors right now!

6. There are no sand toys left in town because it was sunny yesterday!

7. Orcas in the channel!

8. Humpbacks in the channel!

9. Derelict vessel in the channel!

10. Something is on fire!

11. Some sketchy dude did some sketchy shit in the Valley!

12. Some sketchy dude did some sketchy shit downtown!

13. My dog is missing!

14. My cat is missing!

15. Swampy Acres has chickens and bunnies right now!

16. Egan is fucked because snow!

17. Egan is fucked because ice!

18. Egan is fucked because construction!

19. Egan is fucked because Juneau drivers are the worst!

20. Bae cheated on me so I’m putting them on blast!

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