Friday, January 6, 2017

For the Record, the Future Leader of the Free World is Referring to Himself as a "Ratings Machine." In the Third Person.

Let this marinate for a second, like a rancid corpse festering in raw sewage.

The future leader of the free world--who apart from everything else is clearly COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT to lead a dog on a leash much less the largest democracy on earth--is referring to himself as a "ratings machine." In the third person, no less.

But that's okay. Vladimir Cheetos assures us that his inauguration will be a GREAT SHOW! [sic] and that his fuckboi Putin is "very smart." Which makes sense, since Trump is a "big fan" of "intelligence."

Really? Could've fooled me.

You would think that if Twitter had any social conscience at all, it would ban DJT; not for violating the terms of service, but for tweeting out INSANE destabilizing tweets that will provoke WW3 and generalized mayhem. Does Twitter not realize that its stock will plummet significantly if all of society (including the internet) is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust provoked by a deranged narcissist? 

Once again though, it's all good. Twitter (along with everyone else in the media, including Julian fuck-America-in-the-Assange) has its priorities in order. 

Just look at this screen shot of Fox News' "Eagle Cam."

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