Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fact: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Here are some facts to counter Trump's topsy-turvy world of "alternative" facts:

Fact: Millions of men, women, and children of all ages, races, and abilities peacefully marched on DC and around the WORLD yesterday to protest a hate-mongering, insecure, misogynistic, kleptocratic oligarch and authoritarian con-artist wholly lacking in empathy and self-awareness, and his plans to turn our 238 year-old American democracy into his latest failed casino.

Fact: These gatherings were more moving and empowering than any bullshit, isolationist, all-caps, neo-Nazi Twitter egg hashtag so-called "MOVEMENT" could ever be.

Fact: There are millions more humans who feel the same way who didn't or couldn't march yesterday.

Fact: Many of us know the Constitution inside and out, we know our rights, and we know when we are being conned and lied to.

Fact: The world is round, the planet is warming, and science is real.

Fact: Protesting a dangerous person like Donald Trump is not "throwing a tantrum," being a "snowflake," or "failing to accept the results of an election." It's holding a democratic government accountable. Any true patriot knows that, including the many combat veterans who marched yesterday.

Fact: We know the difference between fact and fiction and we know when we are being gaslighted by a sociopath and his handlers.

Fact: We aren't going anywhere and we will not sit down and be quiet. This is what democracy looks like. Trump had better get used to seeing it.


  1. Word! Dude, it has been a pleasure marching with you!


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