Sunday, December 18, 2016

Coffee O Coffee!

Coffee O' Coffee!

It's almost cliché
The critical start that you give to my day.
The sound of your beans as they grind to a pulp
To be turned into brew that I desperately gulp.

Without you a migraine sets in rather fast
And my patience for bullshit will simply not last.
Black hot or iced or defiled with syrup
The taste of strong coffee is certain to cheer up.

Coffee O' Coffee!

And did I yet mention
The soothing effect that you have on digestion?
Soothing perhaps is not quite the right word
But suffice it to say that you make a fine turd
For even before I have drained my first sip
A date with the John is a guaranteed trip

The stronger the better
You're full of caffeine 
A drug Nancy Reagan decided was clean
For unlike weed, crack, and some other bad shit
Caffeine is a drug that gets everyone lit!

A world without coffee would not be the same
Caffeine is like smart phones and Facebook and blame:
A drug used by people rich, poor, and between
In order to cope with diminishing dreams.

Coffee O' Coffee!

Fair trade or organic
Or brought to your break room in ways more Satanic
Like plucked from a farmer with two dozen kids
For 5 cents on the dollar 
Or the next lowest bid.

Coffee O' Coffee!

Elixir of Life
You keep me from stabbing my eye with a knife.
And make it such that I can greet every day
With my cynical nihilism slightly at bay.
When night falls and coffee is no longer wise
Your twin sister, booze, will then shutter my eyes.

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