Sunday, November 19, 2017

Predicted Trump Tweets on Death of Charles Manson

“Melania and I send our thoughts and prayers to the Manson Family tonight for their devastating loss.”

“America lost a true hero tonight. No one had bigger ratings than @theRealCharlesManson.”

“Charles Manson was a terrific, amazing guy. Just terrific. Never shoplifted a thing, by the way.”

“I have decided to use my power of presidential pardon and pardon Charles Manson, a man who was treated very unfairly by our joke of a court system!”

“Crooked Hillary is so busy hiding her Uranium emails and being the biggest loser of all time that she didn’t even acknowledge the untimely death of Charles Manson, a Great American.”

“Charles Manson might have murdered a pregnant woman in cold blood but I promise you he would not have kneeled for our great national anthem!”

“Why won’t failing CNN cover the BIGLY stock market gains in the wake of President Trump’s endorsement of Manson for Senate?”

“I have recently decided to replace shamefully removed statues of our Great Civil War Heros with a monument to Charles Manson.”

“Despite all the unfair press coverage, Charles Manson covfefe”

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