Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Convo That Took Place at Every Single Thanksgiving 2017 at Some Point

Family Member 1: Have you seen that thing on YouTube?
Family Member 2: What thing?
FM1: You know, that thing with the guy from Japan who puts on a latex suit and rides a dirt bike over a ramp covered in Vaseline?
FM2: No I haven’t seen it...wait wait maybe I have? Let’s search it.
FM1: Okay. Wait what’s the WiFi password here again?
FM3 (from another room): Sam100945
FM4: Is your WiFi password seriously your birthday?
FM2: What’d she say? I couldn’t hear.
FM1: Okay okay here it is here it is this is seriously like the funniest most viral thing on the internet right now you’re gonna laugh so hard when you watch this ... ugh... why is it taking so long to load? Hey did you see what Trump said today it was so crazy—
FM2: We just got kicked off the WiFi. You guys need to reset your router.
FM1: Wait wait here it is!
[YouTube video plays for 3:47] wasn’t that the funniest thing ever?
FM3: What’s a router?

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