Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things You Notice on the East Coast When You Live in Alaska

1. The volume of traffic.
2. The great tomatoes. 
3. How dressed up eveyone is all the time.
4. The heat and humidity.
5. The crowds.
6. The bad salmon.
7. The amazing pizza.
8. The sheer number of stores.
9. All the shit you can now do from your phone.
10. Some new website or technology that hasn't made its way to us yet.
11. How weird it is that we still don't really have Uber or Lyft.
12. The haze.
13. Luke warm tap water.
14. Generalized culture shock.


  1. The bad salmon and warm tap water really get to me. The traffic; holy crap!

  2. The semi trucks on the highway, and the pieces of tires they spin off.


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