Tuesday, June 11, 2019

My Straight Ally Manifesto

Pride is more than parties. For me it’s thinking in concrete ways about things I can do to be a true ally to the LGBTQ+ community. So I am committing to these ten concrete things:

1. Make the most of my board service on SEAGLA.

2. Use my platform to shine a light on and speak out against homophobia and transphobia.

3. Take the time to learn and respect people’s gender identity and their pronouns.

4. Vocally resist bathroom bills, anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, and similar attempts to weaponize government and litigation to undermine the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

5. Raise my children to know, love, & respect LGBTQ+ as fellow equal human beings.

6. Correct homophobic and transphobic slurs each and every time I hear a person use one.

7. Remember that Stonewall was a riot and the birth of a human rights movement.

8. Credit the LGBTQ+ community for being the first to actively assert health care as a social justice issue during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

9. Offer my home as a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth fleeing persecution in their own lives.

10. Acknowledge that many LGBTQ+ still must live in fear, danger, and secrecy; work to change that forever.

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