Monday, November 26, 2018

Limericks About Obscure Presidents

There once was a POTUS named Fillmore
He was the last Whig (there were no more)
His first name was Millard
That rhyme is just filler
Cuz the dude was just kind of a chill bore

There once was a POTUS named Taylor
His term was a bit of a failure
He was preserving the Union
Raw fruit was his ruin
He died well before he could save Her.

There was once a POTUS named Tyler
Not elected (nor much of a smiler)
Destiny manifest
He practiced with zest
But old Zach could’ve used a good styler

There once was a POTUS named Pierce
The critique heaped upon him was fierce
Weak and forgettable
His service regrettable
And they say he drank too many beers.

There once was a POTUS named Hayes
With a long beard that went on for days
A staunch abolitionist
And stern prohibitionist 
For corruption he hadn’t much praise 

There once was a POTUS named Polk
No one would say he was woke
He stole Native lands
And kept slaves at his hands
But his suits were most surely bespoke 

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