Friday, November 11, 2016

We Own This

Depressing rant alert: We own this. 

You, me, and every single one of us. I'm not a Democrat. I never loved Hillary. But I'm a woman, a Jew, someone with many friends of color, LGBTQ friends. I'm not here to assign blame, because honestly, I don't need to. The blame is in the mirror. It lies with each and every single one of us for what can only be characterized as the most epic of epic fails since adoption of the term "epic fail."

It's not Bernie Bros, or Jill Stein, or Juilan Assange, or Wikileaks, or rednecks, or hippies, or the rural voting bloc, or Putin, or coastal elites, or CNN, or third party voters, or Wall Street, or Sean Hannity, or Rachel Maddow, or "disaffected white voters" with "deeply held religious beliefs." 

It's all of us. It's every single last one of us.

I accept that, and I feel dead inside because of it. But if I can't forgive myself, then I can't forgive you, either. Like I said before, I don't want to live in an echo chamber and I won't look away from what anyone has to say about any of this. 

But if you voted for Trump, all I can say is I hope you get the world you voted for. Really, I do. I hope Trump does make America great again, whatever the fuck that means. I hope he gives everyone in the country a great job. I hope we become the biggest, most beautiful nation in the whole wide world making zillion dollar widgets for the entire galaxy. I hope you get back whatever it is you think you've been robbed of by China or immigrants or the Clinton Foundation or whoever the fuck the Enemy du Jour is.

And I'll be happy for you when you do.

But until then, let's take a minute to acknowledge what's happening out in the streets right now. Let's take a minute to acknowledge that white supremacy is now out, proud, and normalized. Middle school children shouting "BUILD THE WALL." People carving Swastikas and flying Nazi flags in San Francisco, in "protest" or otherwise. People screaming "NIGGER." Don't gaslight yourself and others and tell yourselves it's not happening. 

It. Is. Fucking. Happening.  

And if you're white, it doesn't matter. Or it matters less. For everyone else, this is not your country anymore, if it ever was. And yes, there are protests against it, which in turn incite even more violence. Does that make things better? No, it doesn't, because we are all boiling like frogs together in the great melting pot now filled to the brim with the toxic sludge of normalized bigotry.

It's going to get worse, and eventually--sooner rather than later in the interest of sanity--I will stop using this blog to complain about it, and go back to writing bullshit jokes about my kids' messy rooms and Nutella like I used to. But I'm not going to stop fighting against this atmosphere each and every one of us has helped to create here. 

In 2016.

Like I said, I accept my role in it. I feel dead inside because of it. And each of you who actively championed a sociopathic, megalomaniacal bigot to do this to us is dead to me, too. 

So today I'll take care of my kids, and spend all day thinking about the veterans, including my grandfather (who is surely rolling in his grave), and soldiers before and after him who died fighting for literally the exact opposite of what we are all now forced to reckon with.

If I wasn't an unrepentant atheist, I'd say God help us all, but instead I'll just say good luck and Happy Veterans Day.

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  1. "It's going to get worse, and eventually--sooner rather than later in the interest of sanity--I will stop using this blog to complain about it,"

    No need to stop as the ensuing shit show will present lots of opportunities for quips "that almost write themselves" to paraphrase Mike Doogan. Making yourself sick over something you have no control over is of no benefit to you or your readers and dulls your tools. Fait accompli.


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