Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Things People are Entitled to in Addition to Their Own Opinions

1. Shitting in their own hand.
2. Putting their dick in a donut.
3. Watching all three Jackass movies and re-enacting every scene in order.
4. Competitive hot dog eating.
5. Calling themselves Carlos Danger and sending the world a picture of their boner.
6. Playing Russian roulette.
7. Fucking each other in Barney the Purple Dinosaur costumes.
8. Playing Pokemon Go until they get hit by a bus.
9. Paying money to listen to Justin Bieber.
10. Thinking this tweet storm from the elected leader of the free world is remotely normal.

So next time someone tries to justify a trash AF opinion with "everyone is entitled to their own opinion," maybe read them this list of what else they're entitled to.

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