Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fifteenth Amendment People and Nineteenth Amendment People Big Problem for Trump's Second Amendment People and Electoral Prospects

Donald Trump's comments this week implying that "Second Amendment People" should perhaps take up arms against his opponent, Hillary Clinton, did not sit particularly well with two groups of other Amendment People whom Mr. Trump has pretty much categorically alienated through threats to deport them and fondle their boobs: Fifteenth Amendment People, a.k.a. people of color, and Nineteenth Amendment People, a.k.a. women. 

According to polls and census figures, these two Amendment Peoples outnumber (with statistically insignificant overlap) the Second Amendment People to whom Mr. Trump's arguable assassination invitation was so graciously extended. Accordingly, these two Amendment Peoples present a serious problem for Mr. Trump's electoral prospects. 

Amendment Peoples with whom Mr. Trump appears less concerned are the Fourth Amendment People, a.k.a. suspected terries of Muslim descent, people with brown pigmentation, and anyone with a funny accent; and perhaps the Sixth Amendment People, whom Mr. Trump believes should be punished without a trial like his boyfriend Vlad Putin is fond of doing.

Along those same lines, Mr. Trump also has taken issue with First Amendment People such as "The Media," so he is likely to crack down on those as well if he's elected, though it should be noted Mr. Trump himself has flirted with the "time, place, and manner" restrictions placed on First Amendment People, as the Secret Service was forced to investigate his semi-veiled threat against Mrs. Clinton.

Needless to say, all of this will likely cause the 21st/18th Amendment People (a.k.a. prohibition/repeal) to begin vigorous exercise of their constitutional rights.

Come January, it will be nice to have a real constitutional scholar in office after eight years of having a fake one preside over the executive branch.

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