Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Entire City of Juneau Has Metaphorical Orgasm Over Weather Report

The entire city of Juneau, Alaska's isolated and rainy capital city, experienced a collective metaphorical orgasm on Monday upon looking at their smart phones and the internet.

And no, it wasn't Northern Lights eco-porn this time.

It was the 10-day forecast, which included a promise of the MAYBE-once-a-summer-if-we're-lucky stretch of uninterrupted warm and sunny weather better known to the rest of the country (and many other parts of the state) simply as "summer."

"Idontknowwhattodowhatshouldidoshouldihikeorgardenorpowerwashandpaintorwhatshouldido?!" asked one local resident, who appeared pale, Vitamin D-deficient, and drenched in mud and rain.

He was actually talking to himself when he asked this question, so we don't have an answer right now. But don't go away. We'll be back next week with an important updated report of every single thing that person did in Juneau over the past 7-10 days.

At press time, cries of "YES! YES! YES!" could be heard echoing through the streets and mountains, like Meg Ryan's famous diner scene in When Harry Met Sally, except for real.

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  1. This post made me crack up. I've been doing these ridiculous memes for each sunny day during our streak. I set it to public on Facebook because I thought other folks might enjoy them:



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