Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jumping the Shark

As most of you probably know, the phrase "jump the shark" comes from a scene in the show Happy Days, in which Fonzie water skied over a shark and it was at that moment that the show was said to have breathed its last breath of legitimacy.

Since then, many, many things have jumped the proverbial shark. Numerous neighborhoods in Brooklyn, for example. Such as Prospect Heights, which once housed the bodega/underground cockfighting ring that used to be on my corner of 4th and Bergen and that is now (last I checked) an artisanal panini shop.

The latest thing to jump the shark is the gluten free movement. I say this as a first class passenger on the gluten free bandwagon since 2009, having convinced myself since then of the likely delusional belief that being gluten free helps my eczema.

That's why I feel OK acknowledging that GF has officially jumped the shark. Witness below: photo of the gluten free Girl Scout cookie, in which a Girl Scout is quite literally jumping the shark. And by shark, I mean cookie.

QED, Fonzie. QED.

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