Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cute Dude at The Post Office Store: In His Own Words

Click the link: truly it might be CDATPOS FTW now. Still: reserve judgment until you reach the end of this post.


I accept the gauntlet challenge/offer of cooking dinner for my family. I shall come to Kindred Post at high noon on a date to be determined to establish the details.

You may bring with you to our abode an un-chewed upon perky-boobed lass of your choosing, if you so desire, so that I may impart on her ...the WAYS OF THE COUGAR, straight from the den.

Details of the tattoo and an appropriate contract will be arranged at that time.




  1. Dear Ms. Mess:
    I have enjoyed reading the communication between you and my friend CDATPOS on his Facebook page. I am an old friend (yes, that means Medicare eligible) of the family AND I knew him when he was the suckling, so I’m disqualified from Cougar status. However, you should know before pursuing this further that down here in P’town, there are other mama cats circling this man/cub. I have a close friend that has a desperate plan to marry him to her daughter, so she can get him in the family without leaving her husband. Just sayin—you’ve got good taste. Get in line!
    Sincerely, MJ (aka Mojo)

    1. Mojo: the battle for the heart of CDATPOS is being waged internationally. Cougars from Manila to NYC are watching developments in the CDATPOS saga with baited breath and they are all blind with jealousy that he is soon to be cooking dinner for me and my family. Stay tuned for the next battlefront in the war for the heart of CDATPOS!

    2. Can't wait. Grandma Mojo is online and listening for meows!


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