Saturday, October 25, 2014

Deep Cuts

The local public radio station had a record sale today, and through what can only be chalked up to an act of divine intervention, these deep cuts found their way into our house. 

This was the find of a lifetime. Babs and Kris Kristofferson; and Babs and Barry Gibbs of the Bee Gees looking 100% amazeballs. I would have given ANYTHING to be a production assistant on the photo shoots for the "Guilty" and "A Star is Born" album covers. Kris Kristofferson and his lustrous locks look like a waxed, bodice-ripper version of Pa from Little House on the Prairie, and Babs has that fresh-from-the-salon-1978-perm look dialed in solid. That's some chemisty. These two and their hair sizzle right off the front of this record. And on the second one, Babs' mullet-fro; Barry's blowout and gold watch; and their matching white jump suits make them look like the founding members of a South Florida sex cult. 

I cannot WAIT to drop the needle on these tracks, kick back, and just let Babs totally bring it. In addition to usually having some good Beatles albums, the radio station's annual record sale is the best place in the world to pick up a giant wedge of musical cheese. Totally psyched to slice into this one!

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