Wednesday, October 1, 2014

By Popular Demand

So ... I've received a number of requests to start a blog. I'm not sure what, precisely, I'm supposed to infer from these requests. Either people enjoy my writing, or they don't want to see it in their Facebook news feed anymore. So rather than routinely post all of my musings to Facebook for Mark Zuckerberg and all the world to mine for advertising data, I thought I'd let Google do the exact same job instead!

Now, what will this blog be? I have no idea. I'm open to suggestions. But here's what it won't be, because I'm not cool enough to blog about any of this stuff: crafts, hot yoga, scuba diving, trail-running, child-rearing sanctimony, and/or organic foods. If I knew how to insert clip art of a Venn diagram, you'd see some overlap here. At the very least, I can insert a link to Wikipedia's entry on Venn diagrams.

Don't get me wrong: it's not that I don't like some and maybe even all of this stuff, because I totally do. A lot of it just scares me, for different reasons, some of which may ultimately be the subject of a subsequent blog post. Or at least the people who are really into this stuff sometimes scare me. Because they totally have their shit together, or are pretending to, and I neither have my shit together nor am I pretending otherwise. So Q.E.D.: I am ill-equipped to blog about any of the above.

The cold truth is that I'm actually not very good at anything except writing, talking to my friends, and picking up small toys with my feet. Oh, and falling asleep on command. (Sadly, a couple of these skills have been temporarily side-lined by recent ACL surgery). So this will be a bit of an experiment in a new medium for me. I don't even know how to attach a picture to this thing right now. God, I sound like my mother-in-law, who often calls at off-hours with a technological problem that invariably ends with: " . . . And then 'it' went away!"

Anyway, I guess we'll see what happens here!

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