Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Stuff We Collect

One of my best friends in Juneau moved away. Again. Comings and goings of the people we love is part of life in Alaska.

Like snow, like no free shipping, like waxy tomatoes. It's part of the deal. You can't be mad about it any more than you can be mad at your driveway for icing over.

Before she left, Becca was part of a public art exhibit here in town. I refused to take the cast-off junk she tried to dump on me, but was later forced to admit that really the scooters were fun and Wonder was a great book and we'd already finished the leftover homemade granola she'd crammed into mismatched old yogurt containers.

I've put her portrait and her words here. I love and miss you, Becca.


  1. What a touching little note. You have conveyed at once sadness and love. At times when you are not so whacky, you write so beautifully. In so few sentences, you extracted in me buried feelings.

  2. As always, beautifully written, and I admire this woman, my cousin, for her incredible courage to survive these amazing obstacles and remain the loving, caring woman I have known her to be all of her life. Brilliant, beautiful and incredibly strong!!! A pretty fabulous mom, too.


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