Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This Bedtime Convo with Isaac Was Insane

Isaac: Beetlejuice is gonna die soon.
Me: Who?
Isaac: Beetlejuice!
Me: Like the guy in the movie?
Isaac: NO, the STAR. It's an old star and it's gonna burn up and die soon.
Me: Oh BETELGEUSE--I actually think the movie guy is named after that star.
Isaac: What movie guy?
Me: Never mind.
Isaac: There's this girl at recess . . . 
Me: Yeah?
Isaac: And every time I have a ball, and I'm kicking it, she kicks it away from me, and I'm thinking to myself, WHAT THE FUCK?!
Isaac: I just said I THOUGHT it. I didn't actually SAY it.
Me: Oh good.
Isaac: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Isaac: What do you do at work all day? Like do you just sit there at a computer and wait for people to call you?
Me: Not exactly. It's kind of hard and boring to explain.
Isaac: Are you like on a team?
Me: Kind of.
Isaac: Do you play other teams?
Me: Yeah, in a way.
Isaac: Do you sometimes get mad?
Me: Only when the other team kicks the ball away.

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