Sunday, August 20, 2017

Please God, Not the Mascots!

Anything but that! NOT THE MASCOTS!

This has been a VERY hard week for "white culture" in America and its freedom-y advocates on Twitter.

First, it's been forced to defend its sanitized confederate past by continuing to pretend monuments to a treasonous band of losers that plunged the nation into a bloody civil war so they could own other human beings as property are worth saving, despite the trauma the sight of them inflicts on slavery's many descendants, because "heritage."

Then it's had to work hard--without very compelling spokespeople--to establish a moral equivalency between "white culture" and other cultures, when we all know that "white culture" is not about celebrating Irish or German or Scottish heritage, as we already do.

It's about reveling in the perceived genetic superiority of white skin and its attendant entitlements, and bristling at the reality that melanin-based privilege is eroding, which is scary. Because really then what? White supremacists, by and large, are neither attractive nor intelligent, and have no other leverage in the world other than their white skin. 

As the Vice writer @jules_su so perfectly summarized on Twitter, "fascism is when you think capitalism will make you rich because you're great, but when you grow up and suck, you blame Jews and blacks instead." (He omitted immigrants, but probably just ran out of characters).

Now, it appears that the grave injustice of toppling monuments to white supremacy has trickled down the slippery slope to . . . wait for it . . . COLLEGE SPORTS MASCOTS

And from there, as we well know, it's a short hop skip and jump to changing the name of the Washington Redskins or the Cleveland Indians or any other number of professional sports teams that rub salt in the wounds of colonialist cultural genocide by making crude caricatures out of other human beings who apparently are way out of line to suggest that perhaps this "tradition" is unnecessary and disgusting and should end in fucking 2017.

Here's a better idea: pour all your outrage about sports mascots and statues of horses and tradition and heritage into outrage over the very-present reason they exist in the first place. And here's an even better idea, borrowed from the rally in Boston this weekend:

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