Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Can We Please Get a Few Things Straight Right Now?

1. "Reverse racism" is not a real thing.
2. "Reverse sexism" is not a real thing.
3. Gaslighting is a real thing.
4. There is a massive public Gaslighting underway in America right now.
5. Trump is MANIFESTLY unfit for office.
6. There are white supremacists in DC.
7. America in 2017 is more corporate oligarchy than meritocracy or democracy.
8. Climate change is real.
9. Science is real.
10. Black lives matter.
11. Saying black lives matter does not mean "fuck all other lives." 
12. White supremacy and white privilege are real things.
13. Silence is not an option.
14. Resistance is not futile.
15. We only get so much time on earth. Our words and our actions matter.

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