Sunday, July 23, 2017

Off the Grid and Re-Centering

I've been in Maine, aka Vacationland, aka the land of spotty WiFi (that's a good thing I think) and will be here through the end of the week, so O.H.M. will be on quasi-hiatus (or at least in non-daily status) for awhile. 

It's actually been nice to disconnect and absorb sunshine, which I didn't realize I needed so much. It's also been nice to consume less mental real estate than I usually do with Trump's insane tweets and the self-inflicted bad feelings that the Internet so reliably delivers like pellets to a lab rat.

My kids are at a good age for quasi-independence and the adult-to-child ratio is strong. There's a heavy contingent of energetic millennials (you know I love me some millennials) and current/future grandparents at my baby cousin Matt's wedding, and they have a lot of energy to do things like take Isaac fishing in a canoe and teach Paige new card games.

I am a little (okay, a lot) dark, so even when I am in a moment and enjoying myself, I think about the future when people will be old, sick, and dead. I try to shift my mindset and kind of freeze-frame these moments in time with my parents and extended family, all of whom live far away from Alaska and who so rarely have a chance to be together.

The highlight reel from the wedding weekend includes me playing drunk whiffle ball in stilettos; adding Isaac's chewed up melon rind and strawberries to my drink; accidentally capturing Isaac on film being all like, "heeeeey guuurl" to the flower girl; and watching Matt and Liza, both of whom I love so much, dance at their wedding.

Yay for semi-off-the-grid quasi-re-centering. (That's a lot of qualifying, but I'm nothing if not a realist).

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