Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Senator Murkowski: Please Do the Right Thing and Vote NO on This Disastrous Health Care Bill

Dear Senator Murkowski,

Your constituents know it, and deep down, so do you: Trump Care is a DISASTER for Alaskans.

According to the 6/26/17 report from the Congressional Budget Office, 64,500 Alaskans will lose access to health care under the Senate version of the AHCA, including 17,200 on Medicaid and 47,300 in the individual market. 

That's almost 10% of our population, many of whom voted for you, not that it should matter.

I am fortunate to have good health insurance here in Alaska that is not jeopardized by Trump Care, at least for now. But this battle is not about any one individual. It's about the morals and ethics of letting people whose welfare you are sworn to protect suffer and/or die on your watch as a result of this unconscionable legislation.

It's good that you are reportedly working with Senator Collins of Maine to ensure ongoing funding for Planned Parenthood, and presumably opposing cuts to Medicaid and opioid addiction programs. But it's not enough. Please stay strong and push back full throttle against Trump Care and any attempt to sell out the health of your constituents to tax breaks for millionaires.

I know you are facing outsized pressure given the powerful position you hold, but you work for us, not Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan or other men in Congress, whose only real goal is to kick down Obama's tower of blocks in a childish vendetta that will cost your constituents their lives. 

Please remember people like me: people who voted for you, who have met you in person, who know you are smart and reasonable and ultimately want to do the right thing by the Alaskans who send you to D.C. again and again to do exactly that.

Look to your conscience. Please put our lives ahead of partisan games, make us proud, and join the right side of history. Alaskans--and the whole country--are counting on you.

Libby Bakalar
Juneau, Alaska

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