Friday, June 16, 2017

Alex Jones is a Bitch and So is Karma

It takes a special kind of scumbag--like really Grade A scum--to hawk conspiracy theories to a desperate and gullible tinfoil hat-clad audience of two million bigots.

It takes an EPIC scumbag to make one of those conspiracy theories that a mass shooting that killed 20 kindergarteners was a hoax.

And it takes quite possibly the deepest bottom-dweller ever to bury itself in the sands of the Mariana Trench to use as a defense--in their own divorce proceeding--that they don't really believe any of it and are just "playing a character" for ratings.

Welp, what's good for Alex Jones' goose is good for Megyn Kelly's gander, because Alex Jones is a bitch and so is karma.

There's more than enough blame to go around for the state of the nation right now, but at least some of it belongs squarely to TV networks who pimp scum for ratings. After all, isn't that how we ended up with Trump in the first place? Didn't a network executive famously say during the campaign that Trump was bad for America but good for ratings?


Here's what happens when you pimp democracy and your morals for TV ratings. America ends up in the shitter, and karma fucks you in zole.

Seriously, karma just strapped on a huge latex purple dildo and rammed it right up the ass of everyone involved in this entire thing.



  1. Yes, I believe she is going to regret this interview ... if not already.

  2. Is the use of profanity and lewd sexual references a substitute for a well presented arguement? Try without the potty mouth.


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