Sunday, May 28, 2017

White. Terror. Is. Real.

Say it with me, fam. White terror is real. White. Terror. Is. Real. 

Moreover, at least in America, white terrorism kicks all other types of terrorism's ass. That's one thing you can say for white supremacists. They are supremely CRUSHING IT at domestic terrorism. 

You know how to Google, and can do your own research, so I don't need to regurgitate the stats on this. But it's incumbent on white people, especially Caucasian Jews (of which I am one) to call this out. 

Caucasian Jews "pass" as white, but are considered an "inferior race" by white supremacists. They have historically been victims of white supremacist genocide, and remain prime targets of white supremacists in America today. 

So I feel an obligation to own my heritage and use my white-passing privilege to speak out against white terrorism and white supremacy.

I will start by offering my deepest condolences to the friends and families of Rick Best, military veteran and father of four, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, a recent college graduate. These two men were both stabbed to death this weekend by a fellow white male for defending Muslim teen girls from racist abuse on a Portland, OR train.

You can't count on your worthless, selfish, POS President to offer words of support, and you certainly won't find him acknowledging his not-very-indirect role in your murders. He's too busy congratulating himself on Twitter for nothing.

But the rest of America--the real and already great America--sees what you did, and you did not die in vain. You leveraged your white male privilege in the bravest, most honorable possible way. You sacrificed your lives on Memorial Day Weekend for the true patriotic values of this country, just as surely as if that train car had been a battlefield.

It's now up to the rest of us to carry your light forward, acknowledge the dangerous existence of white supremacist terror, and banish it from America forever.

UPDATE: I wrote this post without realizing and before I heard that Taliesin is the brother of a friend and fellow member of our Juneau community. As if this could get more heartbreaking.


  1. What I find tragic as well is that while this story is front and center on CNN's webpage, if you look on Fox News, Breitbart, Blaze, etc. it is no where to be found, like it never happened. If you frequent those news sources, you'd never know this happened.

  2. Well written.

    Sad to say, I expect you'll have more cause to write on such things in the next few years.


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