Tuesday, May 2, 2017

10 Burning Questions for CDATPOS 2.0

1. How do you plan to fill the adorable hipster sneakers of the original CDATPOS?

2. When you took this job, did you know about the long and handsome bearded shadow cast by your predecessor?

3. Do you even have any idea what I'm talking about right now, and if not, why not?

4. Do you care, and if not, why not?

5. Will you or will you not follow in the footsteps of your predecessor by cooking my family a delicious meal in your adorable hipster sneakers and emo music, which I will then live-blog for all the world to see?

6. What new ink do you plan to get/new beard maintenance products will you endorse to commemorate this important milestone in your career?

7. Where do you stand on "cougars?"

8. Do you also wish to join Juneau's registry of historic places?

9. Are you prepared to assume the heavy mantle of CDATPOS 2.0?

10. Who is your #1 style inspiration (other than the original CDATPOS)?

BONUS QUESTION: Will you follow tradition and answer these burning questions, or will you be like POTUS and disregard well-established norms?

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