Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Times Kellyanne Conway Was Totes Amazeballs

1. That time Kellyanne Conway dressed like the stripper at Paddington Bear's London bachelor party.

2. That time Kellyanne Conway invented a whole new euphemism for lies-and a parallel universe in which to tell them--thus admitting that her red-pill boss has taken us to the other side of the Matrix.

3. That time Kellyanne Conway made up a massacre that never happened, because who among us has NOT made up a massacre that never happened and try to pass it off as real life to all of America?

4. That time Kellyanne Conway stared at a camera and blinked and smiled in a really creepy way for a really long time while saying the same two words over and over again.

5. That time Kellyanne Conway admitted that being on "Team Trump" was like "walking around with a gaping, seeping wound" (inflicted by the DISHONEST MEDIA and TRAITORS, natch).

Oh Kellyanne, you keep doing you. NEVER CHANGE!

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