Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Privilege of Not Having a Leftist Libtard Snowflake Temper Tantrum

There's been a lot of talk of "privilege" lately, but I have to say, I think that currently, the ultimate privilege in this world is to look at a Trump presidency and conclude that any opposition to it is a leftist libtard snowflake temper tantrum.

Some 80 year-old white dude from Kentucky who tried to get into it with me on Facebook said as much. 

I didn't bother to enage. Engagement is futile, but fortunately resistance is not. I will, however, say this: If you're not having a leftist libtard snowflake temper tantrum, it means one or all of three things: (1) you're already a billionaire with zero social conscience; (2) you're a white supremacist whether you admit it or not; and/or (3) you have your head crammed so far down in the sand, you can almost see the impact of trade sanctions on China.

If you're not having a leftist libtard snowflake temper tantrum, here is what you probably aren't:

1. A person of color.
2. An immigrant. 
3. Someone with a pre-existing condition.
4. A rape victim.
5. A scientist.
6. A student of history.
7. A person who has read or studied the Constitution.
9. A person who would hide Anne Frank from the Nazis instead of waving goodbye to their neighbors en route to Dachau.
10. A Muslim.

So personally, I am happy and proud to have a "temper tantrum" and be called a snowflake, a leftist, or a libtard. I've been called way worse and I look forward to spending the next four years fighting for basic human rights and competency in governance.

And guess what? I literally almost suffocated in Washington DC last weekend between hordes of people who feel the exact same way.



  1. Absolutely effing brilliant. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. I am in awe of your way with words! Preach it, sister!

  3. My faith in humanity is restored by reading this, thank you! I agree 100%. I think that the resistance movement that has been unified by trump is both effective to put pressure on our elected officials (and drive trump crazy :)) and it helps us all get through the next 2 years until trump is a lame duck.

  4. get your libtard crybaby snowflake on girl!


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