Thursday, January 5, 2017

Many People are Saying that People Who Police Other Peoples Sex Lives and Bathroom Use Out of a Sense of Religiosity Have Something to Hide

Many people are saying that "allegedly" cishet men who police other people's sex lives and bathroom use have something to hide. I don't know if it's true, but something is going on. It is VERY STRANGE and possibly UNPRESIDENTED.

The Municipality of Anchorage should put an immediate end to all sex and bathroom use, public OR private, until the authorities can figure out what is going on up there. I've never seen a straight, God-fearing, cisgender man think THIS much, THIS hard, and for THIS long about gay sex, transgender bathroom use, and church all at the same time. 

I say NO WAY! This is BIGLY suspicious!

The dishonest media is trying to make the attempted repeal of an LGBTQ antidiscrimination ordinance in Anchorage all about freedom of religion. WRONG! There is not one example of a toilet or a gay couple standing in the way of anyone else's free exercise of religion!

I'm not saying Jim Minnery and his supporters are LOSERS who are hiding deep, complicated emotions about their own sexual orientations, gender identity, feelings, and urges, but I'm not saying they're NOT LOSERS who are hiding complicated emotions about their own sexual orientations, gender identity, feelings, and urges either. 

Again, that's for the people to decide.

We need to figure out what's going on here. If we don't, it could spell DISASTER for sex, poop, pee, and hand washing everywhere!

Together, we can Make Anchorage Think About Something Else Again! #MATASEA

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