Monday, January 23, 2017

Hey Senator McDaniel, Does this Look Like an "Unhappy Liberal Woman" to You?

A state senator from Mississippi rightly drew shade for this Facebook post yesterday:

I want Senator McDaniel to look at this picture I took of a woman at the DC march and ask him if he thinks it fits his description:

Does this woman look like a pierced, inked "snowflake" who wants or needs free birth control? Does she look unhappy? If she is, it's because of elected officials like you, who having played life on the easiest possible difficulty level, spend all your time dismissing the concerns of those who haven't.

People all over the world whose lives are impacted by things that don't even cross your mind (because they don't need to) marched yesterday. 

Why? Not for "free birth control."

They marched to protect America from embarrassing, empathy-deficient grown up frat boys like you (and our President) who care more about their own bank accounts and egos than the lives of their constituents. 

While women ask "us" to pay for "free" health care, where is your outrage at our millionaire President asking "us" to pay for his second White House on Fifth Avenue? 

Oh yeah. Nowhere.

Instead of popping off on Facebook about shit you don't know anything about and were not a part of, maybe focus on your own constituents, who unfortunately have no shortage of the problems the 1 in 100 Americans who marched all over the country yesterday are concerned about.

Delete your account.


  1. Senator Chris McDaniel ... what a fucking asshole thing to tweet. Dude, we're just gettin' started.

  2. Love this picture! Reminds me of my grandmother; she would have been first in line at that wonderful march. Every day I am more dismayed at what is going on. I knew it would be bad but the current state of affairs shocks even me.


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